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Carving techniques - — relief

by:Ludiao     2020-10-03
Embossment relief is the product of the combination of sculpture and painting, with compression way to deal with objects, depends on such factors as the perspective to show three dimensional space, and only for one side or two sides. High relief relief due to the higher, thicker, less body compression degree, so its space structure and shape features is closer to the round, and even some local treatment completely using the round way. High-relief often use of three-dimensional space form ups and downs or exaggerated, forming concentrated space depth of feeling and strong visual impact, make the embossment art has a kind of special expression for image and charm. Bas-relief bas-relief a bit low, the form of compression is larger, flat is stronger, more close to the painting form. It is not mainly rely on substantive space to create a space effect, and more use of painting descriptions or perspective, illusion, etc way to cause more abstract compression space, which is beneficial to strengthen the relief for the carrier of the dependent.
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