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Carving techniques - — Hollow out

by:Ludiao     2020-10-03
Valuable. such handiwork valuable. such handiwork in relief work, keep out of the eyeball and the part, and the back part of the local hollow out, is called a valuable. such handiwork. Valuable. such handiwork and engraved look, chain carving for performance, as well as the similarities and differences of the three has penetrating, but the back of the valuable. such handiwork to represent, in the form of plaque has one valuable. such handiwork and double valuable. such handiwork. One valuable. such handiwork engraved only positive, double valuable. such handiwork will face, back side image is carved out. Double or single valuable. such handiwork valuable. such handiwork, all with engraved look, chain carved the distinction that having essence, that is engraved look and chain carving is 360 degrees at all levels, and carving not side or both sides. Therefore, engraved look and chain belongs to the round techniques, and valuable. such handiwork is an extension of the embossing techniques. Engraved look engraved look is a form of sculptures, also known as carve, namely the empty without performance and the image part of the stone material, can behave the eyeball and the part of the stay. Engraved look is developed techniques in the round, it's performance and the image three-dimensional space level of skill. Evolved from traditional Chinese stone carving process. The ancient masons carved mouth often contain stone dragon ball. Dragon ball stripped to the original stone material, is bigger than longkou, rolling without sliding out in the dragon's mouth. This kind of activity in the stone dragon knob & # 8220; Pearl & # 8221; Is the most simple carve. Chain carved chain is carved with a piece of stone carving of the stone carving out the whole activity chain method. Chain carving is developed from the round technique, was first carved in jade. YinNiu marking button carved specifically to the upper seal carving, up to decorate the action of seal, namely chapter button head sculpture. Print button with natural and platform two. Nature of machine carved laws more ZhangDuan irregular, little square by the four square of expediency, layout is random, the pursuit of the beauty of natural stone shape; Platform is more exquisite, carved button before commonly, the so-called platform, the platform, with the seal of platform carved button above, under the platform to, square founder intact. The carvings on the platform, platform, will keep the founder. Platforms or carved birds and animals, or people, or fruit, or mascot, creator because of the shape, color, and by coincidence, work effect must be of primitive simplicity, modesty, and honor. The carving process is: the first stage, moreover, file type, three chisel billet, four light. Find button head stone carving has cracks, defects, etc. , can be combined with thin and other engraving method resolved, make work as perfect as possible. Seal cutting seal cutting art began in the qin dynasty of China. Qin Ding seal script for text, then seal letter seal seal surface becomes the content of the sculpture, the later generation phase and become a unique a carving art. But the ancient carving with jade and metal materials, until the yuan Wang Mianshi to take milk stone inscription.
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