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Carving seals underside uneven saw how to deal with

by:Ludiao     2020-10-03
A: first of all to see if they just move the position of the machine, cause the machine base is not fixed, caused by machine vibration during machining, prompted a jitter caused by carving surface nicking tool with matte serrate. Customers move after carving machine position must machine four corners fixed tightly. 2: is processing mesa and carving machine spindle is not vertical, this time if the engraving machine to do the X axis direction knife carving surface is not smooth and sawtooth phenomenon occurs. By this time the need to adjust the spindle vertical degree. Through the above processing, carving machine can work stable. Three: sculpture general won't appear tool collapse caused sharp and broken blade carving surface is not smooth, have a sawtooth phenomenon. Found carved surface is not smooth, there is the phenomenon of sawtooth, should check whether the kedao models used by size, if the handle is too long, DaoHui deformation in machining time increases, this kind of situation will lead to processing surface is not smooth and sawtooth.
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