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ATC cnc nesting machine is a special machine specially used for wood panel customized making furniture cutting and punching. It completely replaces the traditional table saw and electronic cutting saw. It is free from the traditional cutting mode and relies on the manual. Cutting and drilling can be finished integrated, and combined with dedicated production design software program, intelligent production is truly realized. It can also solve the milling engraving of a small number of cabinet door panels. Save labor, save materials and save time!

1. This nesting cnc router is suitable for processing a wide range of complex products with wide functions: punching, slotting, cutting, engraving, boring and milling.

2. The whole machine body is processed by CNC five-face milling center to ensure the machining accuracy of the whole machine.

3. software: supporting design and production of special software, to achieve custom wardrobe cabinets quick design and split single, intelligent typesetting, zero error. Optional double tables, three cylinders, four cylinders processes, automatic loading and unloading, automatic cutting, automatic pushing function.

Applicable to: panel furniture, cabinet wardrobe, computer desk, tatami, film cabinet, office furniture, simple door type, shoe cabinet, display stand and other custom furniture.

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