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Ability to grasp the four important woodworking machinery

by:Ludiao     2020-09-23
machinery dealers the control ability of so-called dealers the ability to control is the management of the dealer, because the dealer not employees of the company, at the same time, dealers in the face of many products have many choices, so dealers management work, for regional manager is often difficult to do, but for regional markets tend to be as long as the dealer harness, woodworking machinery market will have a good result, so it is very important for distributors to control, as a regional manager in managing the dealers first need to understand the dealer products in the real idea behind the profit, then need to know the dealer's profit situation, only in these two aspects to understand clearly, can be targeted to carry out a series of work, there are many ways but summarizing it can use four words, force, and induced. Wei that threatened to dealers to do bad to outlaw or small market area to punish, and force is in to force by means of pressure goods on the basis of the dealer to do; Driven by the interests to make dealers yourself to do, willing to do; Induced from the market or industry prospects to the dealer a target in one direction, and is toward the target to go forward. machinery market insight analysis ability of woodworking machinery regional manager always need to face thing is working in the market for regional manager if can insight into the market, grasp the market opportunities for effective work, it will produce great influence on the market, this is the district manager in the marketing work must have the ability, only have the ability to do it in front of the time change of the market have answers and keep up, in the face of competing goods strong shock to find market development opportunities, and take advantage of this opportunity to market fast. For insight into the market analysis, as a regional manager shall be carried out from several aspects, first of all to the market environment, consumer consciousness, consumer demand and so on have a correct understanding of the overall situation; Second competing goods enterprise background, products to the market situation fully understand; The third to the advantages and disadvantages of enterprise products and product lines, accomplish know fairly well, the fourth knowledge of marketing theory and analysis tools need to fully grasp, finally need good at observation and comprehension. Upward communication cnc woodworking machine machinery area managers need and marketing manager, marketing manager, office, the finance department and other relevant departments to deal with, and need to dealers, salesman, terminal connection, but also and stores procurement and other related personnel exchanges, so for regional manager should possess good communication skills is the necessary ability, with a lot of people in this field in the process of contact, good good communication can not only avoid misunderstanding, enhance friendship, at the same time also can let a lot of things become simple, to get a good support, make the regional market can work well. machinery market planning according to China's economic development, and the different regional consumption and culture, decided to each region has its special culture and consumption habits, different habits decide the application of woodworking machinery products, sales strategy should be differentiated, rather than a plan all gm. Therefore, regional sales manager has a certain requirements planning ability, according to the area of consumer culture and habits to develop, the status of the organization of different activities, really. According to the particularity of regional planning market, the market according to the overall planning area with special headquarters development ideas to keep good synchronization. Comprehensive management ability comprehensive abilities including team management, self management, regional management, human management of several major aspects, due to the regional sales manager with greater autonomy, therefore, request must have team management and self management, and regional, interpersonal management can promote the management of the enterprise and the market, dealers to keep stable development state.
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