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LD1325 CNC Router 1300X2500mm Woodworking Engraving Machine

Product performance introduction of 1325 single head woodworking engraving machine (machine warranty of 2 years)

1. The bed is welded with thickened large tube, which is reinforced without deformation, reliable and durable; The lathe gantry can be guaranteed for 5 years.

2. The guide rail adopts imported linear square gauge, with reliable accuracy; The rack adopts precision rack, which can be equipped with imported precision reducer; To ensure the stability and accuracy of the machine. At the same time, it is equipped with an automatic lubrication system to ensure the durability of the guide rail.

3. The specially designed z-axis structure and high-power x-axis and z-axis drive motors effectively improve the relief accuracy, solve the problem of z-axis broken belt or lead screw, and increase the machining speed by more than 2 times;

4. The cable adopts double sheathed high flexible shielded cable and CNC special cable, which is anti-interference and anti-static; With high flexibility, it will not break or interfere after long-time use. It can be guaranteed for 3 years.

5. Y-axis is driven by double motors to ensure smooth operation.


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